Lauren – Ultimate Transformation Program

So today I measured myself and – in body weight means – I have officially hit my 6 month goal 2 months early…
I am beyond proud of myself for what I’ve achieved since 24th April – this morning after I stepped onto the scales and realised I’d hit my target I stepped into a Size 8 dress (from next, I’m not a size 8, but it still fits perfectly! Which I last wore in April 2017!!!

However I would have achieved NONE of those had I not come across @andymeept – he has changed my life in ways I cannot explain and I will continue to sing his praises for giving me the tools, motivation, encouragement & most of all accountability (this is key) to succeed.
Cannot wait to see what these final pictures will be at the end of Oct standing there as a 30 year old!!!

Vanessa Kay – Personal Training Client

It took a while to realise there was no short cut to getting healthier and there are no magic pills or gimmicks. 5 years of logging food and exercise on Andy’s App. So simple after spending fortunes on slimming clubs and meal replacements. Gained fitness friends in the app that have broadened my knowledge encouraged me to take up weight training when I got injured from running. The support they give is wonderful. Never looked back 💪🏼 at age 47 it’s never too late! Thank you @andymeept for all the knowledge encouragement and support … ready to smash 2020 💪🏼💗

Becky Terry – Personal Training Client

At first I was so nervous to even go to the gym and even the equipment confused me and looked scary. I had no real goal or plan but knew I wanted to loose weight as I was not happy with the way I looked and lost all my confidence. Andy took me under his wing and gave me all new recipes to try and ingredients to help me. He is so professional, dedicated and supportive. Always checking how things are going and cares about your wellbeing. I would highly recommend Andy!

Natalie – Ultimate Transformation Program

For the first time in my life I actually like my body without feeling the need to stave myself or be thin in order to feel good about it. I have curves and shape rather than being straight and thin or wobbly. Honestly think doing this has been the best mental health thing I have ever done and help me overcome some deep rooted body image issues.

Lewis Groombridge – Personal Training Client

I have been using Andy Mee as a personal trainer for around 5 years now and his involvement in my training has been pivotal for my progression. He has helped maintain my consistency, developed my nutritional knowledge, and has a genuine desire for me to succeed. Once I started seeing the results I was amazed that with a little bit more structure and dietary advice I was able to achieve so much more! Thank you very much for your amazing support!