What COVID-19 is teaching us

COVID-19 was when we opened our eyes and didn’t take the simple things for granted.⁣

🏞We realise the importance of fresh air, exercising outdoors and simply the freedom of outdoors.⁣

🏋🏼‍♂️How going to the gym benefits us not just physically but mentally.⁣

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦How much we love our family.⁣

🗣How we should appreciate real human interactions which we often skip because its easier to just be the other end of the phone.⁣

👩‍⚕️A time when we appreciate our NHS like never before.⁣

🏥Good health should never be taken for granted and is largely in our control from the actions and lifestyle choices we make.⁣

🏃‍♀️Past this, you should allow non-negotiable time every day to exercise or merely get outside and move.⁣

👐How to wash your hands properly and that most of you don’t do it enough!⁣

🏠How many exercises you can do without needing a gym.⁣

🧻Toilet roll really is the best option for that job!⁣

🙏Stay safe and stay home unless you are exercising, going to work or the supermarket!⁣

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